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Our services - Click2Cell Smart Mobility Partner

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Our Services


Strategic & Digital Marketing Consulting

Click2Cell accompanies major brands in the development and deployment of their digital strategy, regardless of the trade and business sector. Our company offers its expertise in the areas of web and mobile marketing, e-commerce and digital transformation. The main purpose of this support is to guide clients, depending on their maturity, towards news levers for communication, creative media and innovative technologies in order to maximize their digital success in the short, medium and long term.

All in all, Click2Cell helps businesses master digital so as to turn it into a tool for growth and a lever for competitiveness based on the triptych – marketing, creativity and technicity.


Creative Design

From prototyping to realization, including design and storyboarding, our team of designers, graphic designers and ergonomists guides you in bringing your ideas to life through its creativity and innovation. By always focusing on the end user’s viewpoint (user-centric approach), our creative team is able to listen to, analyze, understand and meet the expectations and goals of our clients in terms of design and graphics. Thanks to this smart team, your ideas and products will also be given a whole new dimension through 3D and motion graphics (video animation).

Click2Cell’s technical strength lies in its ability to adapt all the graphic design projects to various strategic and innovative media – web, mobile and tablet.



Multi-screen Development

Since technologies are constantly evolving, Click2Cell has been able to adapt by enhancing its expertise in multiplatform development, and particularly on new strategic screens – web, mobile & tablet.
De facto, our teams master various programming languages from PHP to Objective C, via CSS, Java and HTML, and are also familiar with the iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry environments. Our developers can also rely on such CMS web solutions as WordPress, PrestaShop and Joomla for instance.
The mission of our development experts is simple: creating ever more innovative, high value-added digital solutions in response to specific issues.


Smart software

Digital technologies are changing the face of company strategies and procedures. Companies are actually looking for immediately productive management solutions, but also ones that are scalable and that can support them in their growth. As a specialist in the transformation of organizations and systems, as a creator of new interactions between the company and its stakeholders – employees, suppliers and partners alike – Click2Cell perfectly responds to these new challenges through the development and deployment of management software and customized sales support tools for sedentary teams operating in the field.

Click2Cell leverages its cutting-edge expertise in innovative technologies, serving the collaborative uses and the digitalization of processes and services, with a proven strike force – digital industrialization factories, mobile and connected devices, administration, management and monitoring consoles, etc.




Our Smart Lab

In a context of excitement over new technologies: mobile applications, 3D design and printing, changing CMS, web technologies, augmented reality, collaborative software and hardware, Click2Cell has developed an R&D laboratory totally dedicated to continuously follow the wave of new technologies, to increase its experience curve and enrich its solutions.

The Click2Cell “Smart Lab” also relies on a pool of senior experts, developers and designers with the aim of becoming a digital factory of its own, one that is constantly evolving.

By putting this lab at the service of startups with a strong growth potential, Click2Cell also has the ambition to become an incubator and thus support and accelerate the development of innovative projects.

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