Customer area

Confidential project

ERP solution for sales management
in the sector of renewable energies

Background and Objectives

As a major player in consulting, support and implementation of solutions in the sector of renewable energies, this company now has a dozen agencies in the Centre region (France), and keeps expanding at the national level. In order to support its development, the company felt the need to improve its sales and administrative process by digitalizing it.

Click2Cell’s approach and results

The company X entrusted Click2Cell, Smart Mobility Partner, with the creation of an easy-to-use, tailor-made tool (as an ERP) gathering most stages of the sales and administrative process. Available on computers as well as tablets, this tool allows a follow up by salesperson, but it also allows different levels of hierarchy (branch managers, executives) to make macro analyses of activities (by salesperson, by branch). Apart from being an invaluable support for salespeople by facilitating their daily activities, this tool also allows managers to measure the performance of the sales activities initiated and to automatically generate reporting. Click2Cell was also in charge of deploying the tool, as well as training users and guiding them in changing processes.

The company X is a major actor in the sector of renewable energies based in the Centre region (France), but expanding at the national level with a dozen agencies nationwide and a turnover exceeding €10 million. It offers several solutions, from diagnoses to the installation of energy-efficient and green equipment.