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Look Voyages Group


Background and Objectives

Look Voyages was one of the pioneering travel agencies on mobile by creating a mobile website accessible on the largest number of phones. The goal was to use the mobile as a channel of information, offer push and reservation in a multichannel strategy, consistent with the website.

Click2Cell’s approach and results

Look Voyages entrusted Click2Cell, Smart Mobility Partner, with the creation of its mobile website:
• Creation of the Look Voyages mobile website
• Search engine for Look Voyages’ holiday clubs
• Video display of the Lookéa Clubs
• Sorting and selection of travel offers by price
• Click-to-call reservation system and one-click access to agents online
• Development of a tailored back office allowing a better management and updating of contents, real-time audience analytics, management of user rights, etc.

Look Voyages is a brand of Transat France, a subsidiary of the Transat A.T. Inc. Group – an integrated international tour operator with over 60 destinations and which distributes products in over 50 countries. As a specialist of the holiday travel, Transat mainly operates in Canada and Europe, as well as in the Caribbean, Mexico and the Mediterranean region. With its head office in Montreal, Transat also operates in air transport, the hotel industry, services at the point of destination and distribution.