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The Mutuelle des Etudiants (LMDE)

Breathalyzer Campaign

Background and Objectives

The Mutuelle des Etudiants (a French insurance company providing healthcare cover plans for students) wished to increase the impact of its awareness campaign about alcohol-related risks among students, with 3 main goals: 1. creating a free Breathalyzer app, one that is not only intuitive, but also efficient; 2. making it available on mobile and the internet, in line with the LMDE’s multichannel plan; 3. monitoring and analyzing the performance of the Breathalyzer’s converging solutions.

Click2Cell’s approach and results

The LMDE entrusted Click2Cell, Smart Mobility Partner, with the creation of its Breathalyzer multichannel plan:
• Breathalyzer application for iPhone (also compatible with iPod Touch and iPad)
• Mobile Breathalyzer website
• Web application / Widget available with PC & Mac
• Integrated and personalized back office analytics, to monitor in real time the performance of all the solutions developed.

The LMDE is the first student “mutuelle” in France – it administers the Social Security of over 875,000 affiliated members and the additional healthcare cover of over 320,000 members. The LMDE has two main missions: administering the French social security scheme for students, and offering its members additional healthcare covers in metropolitan and overseas France.